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New Arizona Licenses Do Not Meet Federal Requirements

The way Arizona residents fly might change in the coming year. Whether you have the old Arizona license or the new one, come January 2016 you will have to get a new “Real ID” in […]


Dierks Bentley - Country Cares Concert (10)

Dierks Bentley and his Dog Jake Document Their Travels and Make Their Way To TV

Dierks Bentley’s dog Jake might be the coolest Country canine ever! Both Dierks and Jake appeared on the ABC show “The View” and Jake made his way to the TV studios on an airplane just […]


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Booker Stories: Guy Wears 60 Shirts and Nine Pairs of Pants to Avoid Baggage Fees

This one comes from China, so we don’t have a ton of details.  But the details we DO have are enough to make this guy a legitimate folk hero.     –Apparently, last week, a […]


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Jeff Dunhnam Takes On Airport Security And Christmas Songs

“Going through security is not fun,” Walter says. “TSA loves me. They look on the X-ray machine and go, ‘What the hell is that?'”


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Five Things We Learned About Brad Paisley During His Web Chat

Brad loves to travel, going to eight countries for the “Southern Comfort Zone” video shoot. And his favorite color is…well, not a real color.


Martina McBride

Martina McBride Gives Fans A Video Tour Of Switzerland

On her blog and in a new Martina Moments video, the country star shares her experience visiting and performing in Switzerland with her fans.


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I Bet We Can Write A Song About The AZ Fires!

The Gladiator Fire and the Sunflower Fire are causing haziness in the valley, irritating our eyes, and causing some breathing problems. Investigations into the cause of the fires continue. Smokey Bear is none too happy.


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I Bet We Can Write A Song About Whiskey Row!

The legendary Whiskey Row caught fire this week and 3 businesses were lost. The legendary Bird Cage, Pearl’s Cafe, and The Prescott Food Store. I am confident those places will bounce back but in the meantime it’s a very sad thing to lose these businesses which have such historical significance.

I Bet We Can Write A Song About Whiskey Row!


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In a private beach side sunrise ceremony, Jake Owen married recent his fiance, Lacey Buchanan this morning!
The “breaking story” this weekend of Jake nearly being arrested turns out to be a most likely a Bachelor Party!


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Six Things Parents Should Stop Doing on Facebook

Posting Facebook updates about tiny, insignificant things is annoying. But parents, especially NEW parents, can be the MOST annoying, because they constantly post insignificant updates about their KIDS.
If you’re a mom or a dad, or you’re about to be one, here are six more things you shouldn’t be doing on Facebook.


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The Lunches This Mom Makes Her Son Are Actual Works of Art!!

You’ve GOT to check out Heater Sitarzewski’s work. Because she’s an artist. A real, honest to God artist. And her medium is . . . her SON’S LUNCH BOX.


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A ‘Saw’ Themed Cruise?? I Bet We Can Write A Song About That!

Wily D. Loon~ On the heels of a Titanic themed cruise, a cruise line has now come up with a “SAW” cruise. That’s right, a horror movie themed cruise. A good idea on paper and a good topic for us to write a song about.

I Bet We Can Write A Song About That!


Dog 2 (Tim Hattrick)

Seven Pets & What They Say About a Guy’s Relationship Potential

Ever wonder what your man’s pet means for your relationship? Well, Tim & Willy have the answers for you!


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Pizza Hut’s UK Stuffed Their Crust With….Hotdogs?

Pizza Hut has introduced a new version of stuffed-crust pizza. Instead of using melted cheese as a filling, they’re stuffing the crust with . . . hotdogs. You can also get it topped with a mustard drizzle. Unfortunately, this isn’t available in the States. They’ve been selling it in Thailand and Japan, and just made it available in England. No word on if or when it will make its way over here.



I Bet We Can Write A Song About A 6 Legged Cow!

A miracle of sorts is happening in Geneva, Switzerland where a six-legged calf has defied the odds by thriving despite a vet’s prediction at birth that it wouldn’t survive. Seven-week-old Lilli is now a minor […]



The Average Person Spends Around $25,000 on Coffee In Their Lifetime

It’s not in your imagination . . . you ARE spending a FORTUNE on coffee. A new survey found the average coffee drinker spends around $25,000 in their lifetime. That’s averaging about $11 a week on coffee for your entire working career.


Faith Hill no makeup

Faith Hill Photographed- With NO MAKE-UP ON?!

The country crooner went completely makeup-less as she hopped a flight from LAX to Sydney, Australia with her husband Tim McGraw, 44, and their three kids, Gracie, 14, Maggie, 13 and Audrey, 10 Monday morning. The […]



850 Employees Of La Quinta Inn & Suites Broke A Word Record On Tuesday…Human-Mattress Dominoes!

850 employees of La Quinta Inn & Suites broke a world record on Tuesday . . . for the longest chain of human-mattress dominoes!


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Jason Aldean’s Ready To Show Off Those ‘Fly Over States’

Have you ever flown from one side of the country to the other?  I’ve gotten the chance a few times out to California and Seattle, and every time it’s probably some of the coolest scenery […]


Reba McEntire

Reba McEntire Talks About Her Summer Vacation Plans

Artist Photo Gallery: Reba McEntireview gallery A trip to the South Pacific is part of [lastfm link_type=”artist_info”]Reba McEntire[/lastfm]’s summer vacation plans. The singer says she’s looking forward to the overseas getaway. She explains that she’s gone […]