San Francisco Votes To Ban McDonalds Happy Meals

Man Tries to Propose with $1 McDonald’s Sandwich

Welp, we’re not really sure why this guy thought it would turn out well BUT — a guy tried to propose to his girlfriend, in a car, with the ring stuck in the bun of […]


(Photo by Sean Gallup/Getty Images)

A Dog Records A Proposal On Camera!

A dog running around on the beach is cute enough but witnessing a proposal is even more touching. What happens when you combine them both? This dog was strapped with a camera and as she was […]



Botched Marriage Proposal!

This is probably one of the WORST marriage proposals ever! You will not believe what happens when this man tries to propose! CBS Intern- Casey Brecker


[LISTEN] Why Should We Talk To You on Monday?

Hey KMLE Nation remember Jason from Friday who said he was going to propose to his Ex-Wife? Well we caught up with him this morning and he let us in on what happened! Want to know […]


Tim Cam: KMLE Country Thunder Thursday

A surprised marriage proposal? Check! Crazy chicks jumping on stage and getting jiggy with [lastfm link_type=”artist_info”]Jason Jones[/lastfm]? Check. Keeping a sneeze count? Check! These are just some of the sights and sounds Tim recorded during […]


Video:The Office Proposal

If you missed Thursday night’s much aniticipated episode of the Office where Michael proposes to Holly, we’ve got the video for you! Michael was trying to think of good ways to pop the question, he […]


Valley Woman Gets Flash Mob Proposal!

One minute you’re dating a nice man, the next minute your family has you surrounded for a song and a dance AND a special proposal?  That’s exactly what happened for one valley woman!