Big & Rich: Cool Or Creepy?

The new Big & Rich song on the KMLE is called “That’s Why I Pray.” It’s a very cool new song that talks about hoping for a better day. But the thing I find the […]



Tim & Willy’s “Make A Donation Before Your Vacation” Drive & I Bet We Can Write A Song About That!

So help the one in four children in Arizona who fight hunger every day. Make a donation … and we might send YOU on a vacation!

Phone donations at: (602) 343-2523
Internet donations accepted @


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I Bet We Can Write A Song About This AZ Heat!

Willy D. Loon ~ Well there goes any hope of a cooler wetter summer.  The HEAT is back and it’s ticked off, and the Miami Heat are back in the NBA finals so this song is […]


Creative by: Jeramy Hubbard

I Bet We Can Write A Song About That Shoplifting Woman Who Bit The Man Holding Her For The Cops!!

I have waited for many years to parody the Human League song “Don’t You Want Me Baby” and finally a story was dropped in my lap about a woman stealing from Wal-Mart and biting the security guard as he held her to the ground until police arrived. Is this a great country or what?


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Twitter Kim’s Bizarre Story From The KMLE Summer Throwdown

Twitter Kim had quite the night Father’s Day at the KMLE Summer Throwdown, quite interesting indeed! Here’s the story of why she had to move seats before the end of the show! Listen In To […]


10 - Ryan Gosling, Actor

Ryan Gosling 1991 Talent Show Video!

You may not remember him way back when, but RYAN GOSLING was a child actor. But a video was posted on YouTube yesterday from 1991, Ryan was performing “When a Man Loves a Woman”.


Creative by: Jeramy Hubbard

Top Things Men & Women Can’t Stand About Each Other

A new survey asked men and women to name the things they CAN’T STAND about each other.  Overall, it seems men hate women’s argument techniques and women hate men’s lack of cleanliness.  Here are the […]

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1st Haboob For The Year – It’s Haboob Anthem Time! I Bet We Can Write A Song About That!

Willy D. Loon ~ We survived the first Haboob of the year, so we brought back the fan favorite “Haboob Anthem”. Get your haboob on! I Bet We Can Write A Song About That!


Courtesy of @WillyDLoon (Willy D. Loon)

I Bet We Can Write A Song About The Bacon Sundae!

Willy D. Loon ~ Burger King has just come out with a Bacon Sundae.  The perfect combination of salt and sweet.  It is only 510 calories.  That seems low if that’s all you eat all […]


TnW-Lauren Alaina

Lauren Alaina’s Angry Rant Tweets Found!

Browsing around this morning, wishing all of yesterday that we had found a copy of the “angry” tweets Lauren Alaina entertained the Twitter Sphere with earlier this week before she’d deleted & apologized for them, we found that our own Ginj-Ninj hadn’t checked his own Twitter account in nearly 4 days! (WHAT?!)

So what does that matter you may ask? – HE STILL HAD THE DELETED TWEETS!!



Tim & Willy’s Kids FUNdation – “Make A Donation Before Your Vacation”

Popular KMLE radio hosts Tim and Willy are hoping to help fill the shelves of St. Mary’s Food Bank Alliance during the summer months – when donations for the hungry decline while the demand for food spikes upward.
Southwest Gas had stepped up and will make a matching gift to those who donate on Thursday, while everyone who donates will be eligible to win a $750 in flight voucher from US Airways.


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Kenny Chesney Surfing With His Dog! Wait, When Did He Get A Dog?!

Kenny Chesney was joined recently on his surfboard by Pancho, his -WAIT, IS THIS RIGHT? His goldendoodle?!
Yes, it’s true! Pancho joined Chesney on his ‘Brothers of the Sun’ tour with buddy Tim McGraw this past January. Kenny told PEOPLE, ”A friend gave it to me and said, ‘Here, Kenny, you have to learn to attach to something!’ God’s honest truth!” – “Now, I love the guy.”


Brantley Gilbert Performs At The Empire State Building ((Photo by Michael Loccisano/Getty Images)

I Bet We Can Write A Song About A ‘Real Good Man’

Willy D. Loon ~ We found out while interviewing Brantley Gilbert that his rabid fans are know as B.G. Nation so I have taken it upon myself to just call him B.G. Brantley has had a wild ride and has been dubbed “Country Music’s Bad Boy.” He seems like a pretty good dude to me.
I Bet We Can Write A Song About That!


Creative by: Jeramy Hubbard

Willy The Wizard’s Recycling View On Red Solo Cups!

Willie the Wizard has brought this topic up many times, but with the resurfacing of the “lines of a red solo cup” stories & pictures hitting the web he thought he’d share it again!


Australian Olympic Swimmers (via Twitter &

Twitter Kim & Nelson Both Bring Us The Scoop On Aussie’s Olympic Swimmers With Guns

We heard about this story from Twitter Kim with it floating around the social media sphere the last few days, so we decided to ask our own Aussie source, Nelson!


File Photo Of Glock Handgun. (Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

I Bet We Can Write A Song About Heather & Her Gun!

Willy D. Loon ~ We noticed on Sunday that Shooter’s World had a Daddy Daughter shooting day at their range. Daddies teaching their daughters about gun safety is a great idea. We heard from a number of women who learned to shoot when they were as young as four with little .22 rifles. Heather’s story in particular stood out to us and so, we wrote a song about her!


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Do Lines On A Red Solo Cup Really Mean Something?

This has been going viral on Facebook & on the web in the past few days & weeks. Red Solo cups have become the unofficial cup you HAVE to have at a party.  If you don’t […]


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I Bet We Can Write As Song About The ‘Summer Time Yucks’

About one month ago Tim said, and I quote, “Because of a cool winter and spring, that means it’s going to be a cooler summer.” I know he is just trying to think positively, but the weather for this weekend pretty much shoves his thinking into the OVEN! May just kinda rolled along nice, nice, nice, and then “BAM” SUMMER HAS ARRIVED! Only 122 days until October.


Creative by: Jeramy Hubbard

There’s a 10% Chance Exercise is Bad For You?

Don’t feel like exercising today? Or EVER? We’ve got your brand new excuse. You’re not exercising because you’re worried it could be BAD FOR YOU.

A new study out of Louisiana State University . . . that contradicts every other study or piece of common sense . . . found that for about 10% of people, exercise was actually UNHEALTHY.


Credit: Kix Brooks-  /Alan Jackson- The Gazette / KCRG

Who Has The Best Mustache In Country Music?

We want your opinion KMLE Nation, who has the BEST MUSTACHE in Country Music? Alan Jackson, Kix Brooks, or our very own Willy D. Loon?