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[LISTEN] Steve And Nina’s Country Thunder Baby Check Up!

Steve and Nina checked in today with our Country Thunder Baby mom, Brienna!  The check-in went really well – as Brienna and her husband are now entering their second trimester! Check out what they are […]


baby tristan

Country Thunder Baby Update!

It has been about a month since our last check in with our Country Thunder Baby!  Brienna and her husband, Josh, became pregnant at Country Thunder after ultimately deciding to try!  Steve and Nina announced […]



[LISTEN] Steve and Nina Are Pregnant!! Well – Kind Of…

This morning on the Steve and Nina show – we got some INCREDIBLE news!  If you listened prior to Country Thunder – then you know that Steve and Nina found a lovely young couple attempting […]



[LISTEN] What Random and Unexplainable Objects Do You Have In Your Car?

Sitting on the floorboard of Nina’s car are a pair of panties that have remained there since Country Thunder… Why you ask?  It won’t be what you are expecting… This led to Steve and Nina asked […]



Country Thunder Awards 2015

Country Thunder 2015 in Florence, AZ can be summed up with a handful of B’s — Boots, Beer, Brett, Big, Blake & Bryan! With Brett Eldredge, Big & Rich, Blake Shelton & Luke Bryan headlining […]


Dustin Lynch KMLE Country Thunder Tent 2015 (Randall Tyree/KMLE @ 107.9)

On The DL: Featuring KMLE Country Thunder 2015

In case you missed the last KMLE Memo that went out, Country Heartthrob Dustin Lynch has a new series out on YouTube called, “On The DL.” Dustin Lynch’s YouTube series is similar to Luke Bryan‘s […]


Blake Shelton (L) and Luke Bryan

WATCH: Luke Bryan and Blake Shelton Play the “Not So Newly Host” Game!!

This year at Country Thunder, Steve and Nina had a chance to sit down with two of Country Music’s favorite artists, Luke Bryan and Blake Shelton. If you didn’t know, Blake and Luke are besties […]


Dustin Lynch- Interview-KMLE Country Thunder 2015 (photo by Randall Tyree) (3)

[LISTEN] Dustin Lynch Calls Out Nina D!!

Nina D will be the first to tell you to watch what you post on social media – especially after Country Thunder 2015! So, when Steve and Nina were interviewing Dustin Lynch at Country Thunder, […]


Big & Rich on stage by Jason-088

Big & Rich Conquer the Main Stage at Country Thunder

Check out the photos of Big & Rich rockin’ it on the main stage at Country Thunder right here!


Joe Nichols on stage by Bily (310)

Joe Nichols at Country Thunder 2015

Check out the photos of Joe Nichols hitting the main stage at KMLE Country Thunder 2015



[WATCH] Kimmie Caruba Takes On Day One Of Country Thunder!!

Today’s the day! KMLE Country Thunder 2015 has finally arrived! Tons of country fans made the trek out to Florence, Arizona, for a weekend full of music, booze and sunshine. But of course, what would […]



[WATCH] David Dean and Kimmie Caruba’s KMLE Country Thunder 2015 Day Two Adventures!

It’s day two at KMLE Country Thunder 2015 and the party is just getting started! Yesterday was packed with awesome performances and even better weather! County goers had a real good time last night (maybe […]


Clare Dunn- KMLE Country Thunder 2015 (photo by Nicole Wozniak)

Clare Dunn at KMLE Country Thunder 2015

Clare Dunn doing her thing on stage tonight at Country Thunder 2015


4-8-15 WinCo Gilbert (6)

4-8 WinCo in Gilbert

Chris Mathews alongside the KMLE KREW stopped by WinCO in Gilbert for the last chance to win Country Thunder Tickets! It was a big crowd that came out to win! The winner who won a […]



[LISTEN] Who Will Have Steve and Nina’s Country Thunder Baby?!

Steve and Nina have been having an extreme case of baby fever. So, naturally, they’ve enlisted the KMLE nation to help with this dilemma. Before your mind wanders any further, let me tell you their […]



Kimmie Caruba at WinCo

Kimmie Caruba and KMLE Krew came down to WinCo Foods on West Bell Rd. in Glendale to give country tickets to lucky KMLE listeners who had won them in a drawing! Check out the pictures […]



Kimmie Caruba at T-Mobile

Kimmie Caruba and the KMLE Krew came down to T-Mobile on S. Power Road to give away to two lucky winners  for Country Thunder Launchfest tickets in a drawing! Check out the pictures here!


Ethan Miller / Getty Images

21 songs For Your Country Thunder Playlist

One of the most favorable things to do among KMLE Country Thunder goers is to listen to the music of the artists performing at the festival, so they can hype themselves up and get ready […]


Day Three-KMLE Country Thunder 2014 (photo by Randall Tyree) (31)

How to Survive KMLE Country Thunder 2015

With all the excitement and awesomeness that is KMLE Country Thunder 2015, it’s easy to forget the little things about attending a music festival. Surviving four days in the Arizona may be harder than you […]



Denim and Diamonds with David Dean 3-28-15

  The KMLE Krew and David Dean had another amazing time out at Denim and Diamonds. Fans took pictures with our cutout country stars and one lucky winner even got a pair of Country Thunder […]