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Win Tickets to NASCAR on Sunday!

The New KMLE @ 107.9 has your chance to win your tickets to the NASCAR Quicken Loans Race for Heroes at the Phoenix International Raceway on November 9th! How to Win Play Beat Nina Tuesday through [...]

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Is Awkward Jeana’s House Really Haunted? You Decide

Steve and Nina’s producer, Jeana, is usually not very superstitious, but since moving into her new house, things have gotten creepy. Strange noises, doors opening on their own, and no normal explanation have pushed Jeana [...]

14 hours ago


What’s Trending: Blake Shelton Tops Billboard’s Artist 100 Chart, Queen Latifah Disses Bill Cosby

Queen Latifah Cancels Interview with Bill Cosby Over Rape Allegations Old news of comedian Bill Cosby allegedly assaulting over 13 girls has recirculated, causing Queen Latifah to cancel her interview with Cosby on an upcoming episode [...]

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What’s Trending: Jessica Biel Pregnancy News, Taylor Swift Slated to Hit A Million and Most Popular Halloween Costumes of 2014

Jessica Biel is Pregnant! After pregnancy rumors hit the web, Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel have admitted they are expecting their first baby together! MORE HERE   Taylor Swift to hit 1,000,000 in first week! [...]


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Should Married Women Dress Sexy For Halloween?

Listener Evan’s wife of 9 months wants to dress up as a sexy referee for a Halloween party, but Evan thinks the costume is a little inappropriate for a married woman. Is Evan overreacting? We [...]


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[LISTEN]: Ask Us Anything

The KMLE Nation texted us outrageous questions for Steve and Nina this morning and if either one of them refused to answer, they have to give up 100 dollars! Question for Steve: “What’s the most embarrassing [...]



What’s Trending: House of Cards Actress Passes Away, Toby Keith’s Las Vegas Offer and John Carter Cash in Airport Incident

Honey Boo Boo’s Father Wants Custody Sugar Bear reportedly wants custody of daughter, Honey Boo Boo, after news broke her mom is dating a sex offender. A friend of Sugar Bear says he’s broke without [...]



[LISTEN] Rate my Redneck: Redneck Romance

This week’s Rate my Redneck is a romantic one! Rednecks do things a little differently… and romance is no exception. PLUS you’ll hear from Theresa and just who she married that made us all say “WOOOOOWWWW” [...]


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[LISTEN]: Speed Dating With Sam Hunt!

Does Sam Hunt prefer boxers or briefs?! And what’s his favorite midnight snack? Listen below to find out! Check out Sam Hunts new album Montevallo! 



What’s Trending: Papa John Attend’s Employee Funeral, Wal-Mart Under Fire For Insensitive Web Content and Dolly Parton Speaks Out About Gay Fan Base

Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Martin have split. The couple reportedly starting dating at the end of June.   Papa John CEO Attends Employee Funeral A 24-Year-Old was shot and killed during a robbery while on the job [...]


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[Watch]: Wedding Fireball Cam

FIREBALL! This wedding party knows how to have a good time! They attached a GoPro to a bottle of fireball, and the result is awesome. Watch the video here



What’s Trending: Reba’s Father Passes Away, FGL’s Brian Kelly Shares New Tattoo and Jim Carey Takes Over SNL

Reba McEntire’s Father Passes Away. He was 86 years old at leaves behind wife Jacqueline, daughters Reba, Susie and Alice and son Pake. Reba’s sister Susie issued this statement: “Daddy passed away last night in [...]



[LISTEN]: Why Do We Need To Talk To You Monday?

Jennifer has a VERY important Halloween party that she needs to attend, although she has one BIG problem! What could it be?! Listen below to find out what her big dilemma is! UPDATE: Listen below [...]



What’s Trending: TLC to Reassess “Here Comes Honey Boo Boo” Because of June’s New Man and Career Builder’s List of Most Ridiculous Excuses For Missing Work

Mama June is reportedly dating a pedophile. Mark McDaniel was convicted for aggravated child molestation 10 years ago. The child in question is someone June is in contact with.   Khloe Can’t Find Lamar US [...]


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[LISTEN] Luke Bryan with Steve and Nina

We had Luke Bryan call in today. We talked about his pants, being in the dog-house with the wifey Caroline, AND we got Luke to confess TWO things he finds un-sexy about himself.     [...]



What’s Trending: Beyonce and Jay-Z Renew Vows and Toby Keith’s Bar Closes in Mesa

Beyoncé and Jay-Z have renewed their vows. Word is, they renewed their vows while in Europe. No other details have been released, but now they’re house-hunting in Paris. Properties they’ve viewed include a villa near [...]



[LISTEN]: Win Luke Bryan Pit Passes

Luke Bryan will be here TOMORROW and the show is sold out! But don’t worry, you can win pit passes when you play Shake It For Me! This morning Nina shook something, and listeners called in [...]



[WATCH]: Cute Little Boy Gets His Heart Poked

“OW… You poked my heart” This cute little boy gets his heart poked when arguing with two little girls about rain… SO CUTE we had to share!!



What’s Trending: Renee Zellweger’s Drastic New Look, Sarah Jessica Parker Causes A Stir and Miranda Lambert Joins The Great American Dog-A-Thon

Justin Timberlake and wife Jessica Biel settled a defamation lawsuit with “Heat” magazine and Bauer publishing. The magazine claimed in a September issue that the pair was having marital trouble and that Justin was caught [...]


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[LISTEN] The Dirtiest Rate my Redneck EVER?

Today’s Rate my Redneck shows that rednecks can have a soft spot in their hearts too! And one redneck story is SO gross that Steve ranks it a 10, and Nina is too disgusted for [...]



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