Steve & Nina


PHOENIX, AZ - APRIL 24: Steve and Nina share a laugh before throwing out the first pitch at the Dbacks vs. Pirates game (photo by Randall Tyree)

Country Night at Arizona Diamondbacks Game

Steve and Nina had wonderful opportunity to throw the first pitch at the Arizona Diamondbacks vs. the Pittsburgh Pirates game. Before they threw out the first pitch, Steve and Nina hung around the Coors Light Lounge […]



[LISTEN]- Why Do We Need To Talk To You On Monday? Teen Shenanigans?

Jenny is a mother and many in her neighborhood consider her house the hippest spot to hang out at after school. All the kids hang out at her house and watch movies and just kind […]



[LISTEN] It’s Nina D.’s Turn For Face Your Fear Friday! What Will It Be…?!

For next weeks Face Your Fear Friday,  it is Nina’s turn to face her worst fear! LISTEN below to see what Nina will have to do.  Clue:  Will it have to do with a coffin […]


Celebrities At The Lakers Game

What’s Trending: Justin Timberlake Posts Pic of His Son, Kylie Jenner’s “Challenge” and Tim Tebow Returns to the NFL

Tim Tebow Returns to the NFL Tim Tebow’s workout with the Philadelphia Eagles last month will lead to another chance for the quarterback. He official signed with the Eagles today and is back in the […]



Win Tickets To See Kenny Chesney This Week!

The New KMLE @ 107.9 wants to hook you up with some Kenny Chesney tickets!  He will be coming back to Arizona for his Back To Revival Tour!  He will be playing at Gila River Arena […]



[LISTEN] Group Therapy: The “Have My Baby” Blues

Ok KMLE Nation, this one is a bit sticky. Our caller this week is in a happy relationship with his older girlfriend. To set the scene, they’re dating or whatever and everything is all peaches and […]



What’s Trending: Tax Day Deals, Kristen Bell Does Couples Therapy and Rita Wilson Undergoes Double Mastectomy

What’s Trending – April 15, 2015 Is Garth Brooks Coming to Phoenix?! Unfortunately, he hasn’t announced that he’ll be coming to Phoenix for his upcoming tour. But if you happen to be going to Knoxville, […]



What’s Trending: Tim McGraw Keeps Sandy Hook Promise, Yahoo Study Reveals Email Habits and Tori Spelling’s Freak Accident

What’s trending – Tuesday, April 14, 2015 Beyonce’s Mom Gets Hitched: Tina Knowles married Richard Lawson last Sunday on a yacht in California. About 300 of their family and friends gathered to celebrate the all-white […]




Blake Shelton is a deep guy. Impossibly, unfathomably deep. And the shame of it is, so few of us new. At this years Country Thunder, however, one particular photo displayed in our tent opened us up […]


Luke Bryan Interview by Bily (26)

[VIDEO] Country Thunder Recap: An Awkward Moment with Steve and Luke Bryan Gets Worse

Luke Bryan was at Country Thunder over the weekend and had an interview with Steve and Nina. It got awkward quick because in a previous meeting, Steve thought Luke blew him off. After going back […]



[LISTEN]Country Thunder Recap: Steve and Murph Mistaken Identity!?!?!

Riddle me this KMLE Nation, What do The Swon Brothers, the highly successful country music duo of “Later On” and “Pray for You” fame have in common with  Steve Kramer and Producer Murph? Answer: Not Much. HOWEVER, during this […]



What’s Trending: Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield On Break, Newest Health Craze and Kurt Warner Football Comeback

What’s Trending – April 8, 2015 Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield On a Break: After showing up to a few recent award shows solo, rumors have begun to spread that one of Hollywood’s hottest couples […]



[LISTEN] Group Therapy: What Should Steve’s Sister Do??

Today, we’re keeping it in the family. Steve’s little sister, Maggie called in to ask the KMLE nation for some help. Maggie and her boyfriend both live in Atlanta right now but the problem is he […]



[LISTEN] Who Will Have Steve and Nina’s Country Thunder Baby?!

Steve and Nina have been having an extreme case of baby fever. So, naturally, they’ve enlisted the KMLE nation to help with this dilemma. Before your mind wanders any further, let me tell you their […]


(Johannes Simon/Getty Images)

What’s Trending: Fox News Anchor Apologizes to Kelly Clarkson, Bruce Jenner to Sit Down With Diane Sawyer and Separate Toilets The Secret To Happy A Marriage?

What’s Trending – April 7, 2015 Duke v. Wisconsin NCAA Playoffs: The best upset of the NCAA tournament was saved for last as Duke went up against Wisconsin last night at Lucas Oil Stadium in […]



[LISTEN] Name That Tune Featuring Easter Peeps!

Steve and Nina attempt to guess what KMLE hits our Producer, Murph/Ben, sings in the studio today. Only problem? Murph/Ben has a mouth full of everyone’s favorite Easter candy! That’s right, it’s rematch from yesterday’s […]



[LISTEN] Steve and Nina’s Eggscelent Easter Egg Roulette Game!

Good Morning KMLE Nation, hope you’re not too scrambled this morning! You know, the problem with Easter is the day after, most of us have a bunch of left over, tie-dyed eggs which, under normal […]


Photo by Jennifer Stewart/Getty Images

[LISTEN] D’BACKS Paul Goldschmidt Calls The Show On Opening Day to Beat Nina

KMLE NATION! Monday is Opening Day across baseball!! Hometown hero and First Baseman from the Arizona Diamondbacks Paul Goldschmidt called in to Beat Nina. In the second most important game of the day, Goldy’s Diamondbacks […]



[LISTEN] Name That Tune… With Peeps In Your Mouth???

What’s better than left over candy from Easter?!… Using that left over candy from Easter to play a name that country tune game, of course! This morning, Steve and Nina compete in the ultimate face […]



What’s Trending: Kelly Clarkson Talks Parenting, Jason Aldean’s Dream Duo, Kelsi Ballerini’s Amazing “Girl Crush” Cover As Multiple Artists Continue to Outpour Support for The Song.

What Trending: Friday April 3, 2015. KELLY CLARKSON TALKS PARENTING ADVICE: New mommy Kelly Clarkson recently talked to People Magazine about some advice for new moms. In the article, she mentions how date nights are […]