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Alan Jackson (31)

Alan Jackson at Ak-Chin Pavilion!!

Ak-Chin Pavilion was in lights tonight as Alan Jackson took the stage! The new KMLE at 107.9 always has a great time when Alan Jackson comes to town. We hope all of our listeners enjoyed […]

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Freeway Chevy (24)

Freeway Chevy

Steve Kramer and the KMLE Krew were out at Freeway Chevy today to give people a chance at Alan Jackson tickets for tonights show while getting amazing deals on their next Chevy.  KMLE was out […]

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Win Tim McGraw Tickets This Week!

The New KMLE @ 107.9 has your chance to win a pair of tickets to see Tim McGraw on June 18th @ Ak-Chin Pavilion!  That’s right – Tim McGraw is making his way back to the […]


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[LISTEN] The Sun City Llama Joins The Show!!

2 llamas made national news on Thursday as the two escaped their pen and ran a muck in Sun City, Arizona. The two were on the run for a while as police and citizens tried […]


These are not the llamas on the loose. They are French Alpacas. Hey, we don't have an approved photo yet from their agent. (Martin Bureau/AFP/Getty Images)

What’s Trending: Llamas, Sex Change, and Bus Fires

2 LLAMAS LASSOED AFTER WILD CHASE THROUGH SUN CITY: What’s the llama drama all about? Two llamas escaped the grips of the Carillons GenCare Lifestyle facility and ran a muck in the streets of Sun […]


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[LISTEN] Nothing is More Romantic Then Bringing Mace on Your First Date

Stargazing sounds like a lovely date. A real power-move to take things to the next level…unless Stargazing is the first date from someone she found on the dating app Tinder. KMLE listener Sarah called in […]


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[WATCH] WACKY FRIDAY: Don’t Be Rude to Llamas

On Thursday afternoon Phoenix got national attention as llamas got loose on the streets and took the valley by storm. Twitter went crazy as citizens and the police tried to stop these rebel llamas. If […]


This should clear everything up… NSFW

This photo should clear up all the confusion going around on the internet about that crazy controversy.        


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[LISTEN] Bad Boyfriend Poker: He Called Her a WHAT?!?!

Men can be dogs. Whoof. Even so, in this day and age when two people are in a relationship there is an amount of chivalry and decorum that is expected and should persist even if […]



What’s Trending: Madonna Yanked Off Stage, KFC to Introduce Edible Coffee Cups and Garth Adds Another Tour Date

Garth Brooks Adds Another Tour Date Garth and Trisha are heading to Portland, Oregon Sunday, April 12 and Monday, April 13 at Moda Center. “Brelfies” Are the New Craze The latest craze on social media is the […]


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[LISTEN] Just the End: Hit with a Shovel, Burning Clothes and In-Store Cartwheels

Whose got the juiciest end? That’s what you, the KMLE Nation have to decide. Here’s how it works, we here at 107.9 get you, the KMLE Nation, to call in and give us their craziest […]


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My Dad Has Been Married 12 TIMES!

Actor Billy Bob Thornton recently married his 6th wife. Considering getting married 6 times is so rare, Steve and Nina asked the KMLE Nation if ANYONE has been married as many or more times then […]


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Nina D…Queen of the Ball Tossers!

Steve and Nina are still in Oscar fever, so they discussed awards they had won in their past. Nina was the ball-toss champion of pre-school and, as seen on The Steve and Nina Instagram Page, […]


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[LISTEN] Group Therapy: Why is my Kid Getting Hurt At Daycare?

Hello KMLE Nation! Kids are wild right? Bumps, bruises, scrapes and japes. All are part of the package when you’re a child, especially when interacting with other children. The playground can be a brutal place after all. […]


Credit: Frank Micelotta / Stringer/ Getty Images

[WATCH] Christina Aguilera Impersonates Britney Spears with The Song “This Little Piggy”

Jimmy Fallon is at it again! This time Fallon had Christina Aguilera on the show putting together imitations of musical artists with interesting tunes like “Itsy Bitsy Spider” and the “Folgers Coffee Jingle”. The best […]


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[LISTEN] The KMLE must need Spring Break Playlist

With spring break right around the corner, whether you are kicking it back by the lake, beachin’ it up in California, or having the craziest time of your life in Mexico, be sure that these 15 hot, sun-kissed, and drink-filled songs are on […]


Photo by Maury Phillips/Getty Images for CBS Radio

What’s Trending: No Spousal Support in Frozen Star’s Divorce, FGL Has a Nickelback Connection and #AskHerMore Hashtag Takes Over the Oscars

No Spousal Support Needed in Frozen Star’s Divorce Idina Menzel and Taye Diggs have lived apart since 2013. They each make enough money that they’re not requiring spousal support They’re also sharing custody of their […]


These kids performed on the Oscars!

What’s Trending: Disneyland Park Price Increases, Michael Phelps Engaged and Memorable Oscar Moments

Disney Park Passes Increase in Price A one-day ticket for either Disneyland or California Adventure in Anaheim, California, is now $99 for anyone 10 or older, the company said. That’s up from $96. Single-day tickets […]


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KMLE Oscar Recap

  Good Morning and Happy Monday KMLE Nation! As you probably know, yesterday was Oscar night in Hollywood! Careers were made, hopes were dashed, and wardrobes were fabulous! Anyone whose anyone was watching! Wait, you […]


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[LISTEN] UPDATED: Why do We Need to Talk to You on Monday: Susan’s Career Complication

Why do we need to talk to you on Monday? Steve and Nina chat with KMLE listeners who have something going on or a decision to be made over the weekend and call back Monday […]



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