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Taylor Swift Tells Secrets!

Taylor Swift has been super super secretive (as usual) with the details of her new album but The NEW KMLE @ 1079 has them for ya: BRAND NEW ALBUM going to be in stores on [...]



Surprise New Album From George Strait!

So here’s great news for anyone who’s a big George Strait fan… The King has a brand new album set to be released September 16th! The album has 20 tracks on it and is going [...]


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David Dean’s Response To Steve’s Ice Bucket Challenge

By now, you’ve probably heard of the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. It’s a campaign to raise awareness for the ALS Association (Lou Gehrig’s Disease) and raise money. When you’re challenged, you can either: A) Donate [...]


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Taylor Swift Goes On Fallon!

In preparation for her new album and single, Taylor Swift has been out and about much more lately. Check out this performance of “Ew” she did with Jimmy Fallon. It’s pretty dang funny! EW! -@TheDavidDean


Luke Bryan

Luke Bryan Almost Burned Off WHAT?!

We’ve all done it. We’ve tried to change something about ourselves and ended up worse than we thought. Anything from a botched hair job (ahem, David Dean? Steve Kramer?) to failed surgery, us humans tend [...]


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Cheaters Usually Meet “The Other Man/Woman” HERE…

So this study asked people who’ve cheated in relationships WHERE they met the person they cheated with. The answers were all over the board but they were able to identify TWO main spots that people [...]


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Kenny Chesney Wanted To Buy THIS For Keith Urban?!

You probably know it’s a tradition for headliners to give their opening acts a gift when the tour ends.  It’s usually something cool, like when Kenny Chesney gave Uncle Kracker a vintage 1969 Plymouth Roadrunner. It [...]



Oops. Hair Problems.

Asked the guy at the hair place to “take a littttle of the grey out. And this is what happened…   @TheDavidDean


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LeAnn Rimes Thinks ALL Women Should Wear Skimpy Swimsuits?!

Leann Rimes apparently is thinking about launching her own line of bikinis. She told a a reporter, “I’ve worn so many bikinis that I know what works and what doesn’t.  I know what I like [...]


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Taylor Swift Teases Fans with Cryptic Instagram Post, Sets Off Rumors of New Song or Album

What is significant about the number 18? And an elevator button? And the fact that said button appears not to be working properly?


Country Weekly's 5th Annual Fashion Show & Concert

Have You Ever Lied Like Joe Nichols?

Have you ever lied to impress a date?  Not even a little?  Well, I don’t believe you.  Anyway, my point is that Joe Nichols once lied in order to get with a girl, just like in his [...]



Blake Shelton Shocker!

If you missed “The Today Show” Friday morning, Blake Shelton made a huge announcement that was mostly unexpected throughout the country music community… He’s ready to release a new album later on this year! Where [...]


Toby Keith (Courtesy: Show Dog/Universal Music)

Toby’s Got Love For Taylor Swift!

Toby was being interviewed recently and called Taylor Swift “The best female songwriter that’s come along in the last 20 years!” Love it. And I think he’s right. Taylor Swift, love her or hate her, [...]


Florida Georgia Line- Dirt Road Diaries Tour-Phoenix [photo by Randall Tyree] (11)

Motley Crue On Florida Georgia Line

The Florida Georgia Line guys covered Motley Crue’s “If I Die Tomorrow” and it sounds like they’re impressed! Nice!


KMLE 8 Man Jam 2013-Act One [photo by Randall Tyree] (17)

What Is An 8 Man Jam?

This time of year the question always comes up… “What is an 8 Man Jam?” You hear us talking about it on the radio, you see the stuff on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc…. But WHAT [...]



The 50 Shades Of Grey Trailer

The novel was a worldwide phenomenon and the official trailer has finally been released for the movie that hits theaters on Valentine’s Day 2015. The 50 Shades of Grey trailer… The movie looks good, kinda [...]


CRS 2012 - New Faces Of Country Music Dinner And Performance

Eli Young Band ROCKED David Letterman!

They’ve been one of my favorite bands for years and last night I had to stay up and watch them on David Letterman. Did you miss the Eli Young Band‘s performance of “Dust?” It’s currently [...]



All You Can Bowl For Cheap!

How about taking the family or your friends bowling and NOT having to worry about how long you’re there or how much it’s going to cost? All this week AMF is offering $10 all you [...]



Most Annoying Phrases In The English Language

We all have pet peeves. I happen to have about 215 of them, especially when it comes to anything relating to the English Language. Reader’s Digest found the eight most annoying phrases people say in the English [...]


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Taylor Swift Pic Freaks Out Fans!

Taylor Swift fans (aka Swifties) have been up in arms about some marks on Taylor’s leg. Looks like it’s not too bad, but a fan caught a shot of the back of her leg and [...]



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