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All You Can Bowl For Cheap!

How about taking the family or your friends bowling and NOT having to worry about how long you’re there or how much it’s going to cost? All this week AMF is offering $10 all you [...]

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Most Annoying Phrases In The English Language

We all have pet peeves. I happen to have about 215 of them, especially when it comes to anything relating to the English Language. Reader’s Digest found the eight most annoying phrases people say in the English [...]


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Taylor Swift Pic Freaks Out Fans!

Taylor Swift fans (aka Swifties) have been up in arms about some marks on Taylor’s leg. Looks like it’s not too bad, but a fan caught a shot of the back of her leg and [...]


Brothers Of The Sun Tour Featuring Kenny Chesney And Tim McGraw

He’s BACK! Kenny Chesney Announces Concert!

Kenny Chesney announced his only concert in 2014. And it’s free! Just one catch, it’s not in Arizona. LAME! Chesney will play a beach concert, dubbed the Flora-Bama-Jama, Aug. 16 at The Flora-Bama, on the state line between [...]



Dental Facts You Didn’t Know!

Soooo, we’ve all done this. Got the reminder in the mail that my appointment for the dentist is next week. 5 1/2 months have passed… haven’t been flossing enough. And by enough, I mean… at [...]


Ashley Monroe KMLE Live (19)

Ashley Monroe is Back!

After four days in the hospital Ashley Monroe has been released to go home! Ashley had to cancel her upcoming shows because of a very serious kidney infection on July 10th. The country sweetheart promised [...]


Jerry Seinfeld

Funny Fashion!

Funny man Jerry Seinfeld is the newest celebrity male model! Obviously Seinfeld is no stranger to the camera, but his new look is a little different then what you might remember from the TV series. [...]


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Blake Shelton: Hacked? Or Hammered?

So.. Is Blake the victim? Or is he just hammered? Check out the tweets!! Ok I'm everybody I'm going to bed.. I love y'all. And to any possible haters out there, go suck some balls.. [...]


Dan + Shay KMLE LIVE (24)

Dan + Shay’s New Video “Show You Off”

Our buddies Dan + Shay have a brand new song called “Show You Off” that you’ve been hearing on the new KMLE and they JUST released their brand new video to go with it! What [...]


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Are You Ready for Baby-Mooning?!

What is baby-mooning you ask? No, it is not babies mooning you with their diaper off! A baby -moon is a honey-moon before your baby comes. You don’t know when the two of you will [...]


Brian Kelley (L) and Tyler Hubbard of Florida Georgia Line

Florida Georgia Line’s New Video: Dirt!

Pretty much obsessed with the new song from Florida Georgia Line, “Dirt.” It was released late Monday night and the video is already up. It’s awesome to hear both guys with solos in this one… [...]


NBCUniversal's "The Voice" Press Junket And Cocktail Reception

Blake Shelton’s LAST Album?

Who ever knows if Blake Shelton is serious, joking, drunk or whatever… BUT! He did tweet this: Finishing up my last album in the next couple weeks..— Blake Shelton (@blakeshelton) July 07, 2014 That says [...]



Kenny Rogers Plays The Gambler For Geico!

Hahaha, I have always been a fan of the silly Geico commercials…  



Robber Foiled By Video Game Gun!?

So, this guy in Oakland, CA breaks into some guy’s house and next thing you know, the robber is being held at “gunpoint” by the resident. Well, sort of. I read this story this morning [...]


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Disneyland High-Low Number Revealed (Oops)

So, I slipped up and revealed which one of the numbers isn’t right. So… I think our promotions manager will hurt me if I say it again… but, Jenn from Mesa sent in this picture. [...]


Luke Bryan- Dirt Road Diaries Tour-Phoenix [photo by Randall Tyree] (11)

New Luke Bryan Song / Video: Roller Coaster

Luke Bryan has had a crazy FOUR consecutive #1 songs off his latest album “Crash My Party.” (Crash My Party, That’s My Kinda Night, Drink a Beer, Play It Again) This is the latest song [...]


Tyler Farr at KMLE Country Thunder 2014 (Photos by Bily Foster)-011

Tyler Farr’s Drinking On The Job

The KMLE Nation has spoken and made Tyler Farr’s latest “Whiskey in My Water” a big smash! Have you seen the video for it yet? Tyler said after making the video that he had a [...]


Chris Young performs at the Downtown Hoedown in Detroit (Steve Wiseman / 99.5 WYCD)

Chris Young WILL Play Guitar Again

Country star Chris Young and his doctors are optimistic that he will be playing the guitar again. If you hadn’t heard the news, Chris had a mishap in the kitchen where he took a knife [...]


David Dean Interviews Lee Brice from Country Thunder (photo by Randall Tyree) (12)

Lee Brice Planning Gospel Album!

Lee Brice is heading back to where it all began for him. Brice says he grew up hearing his family sing gospel songs and he wants to record one! Brice told the entire thing to [...]



Gross! KFC Serves Up Hand Towel

We’ve all had a restaurant or fast-food joint mess up our order, right? Well how about this one…  29-year-old Krystal Henderson and her 7-year-old stepson Oliver went to a KFC in Newcastle, England earlier this [...]