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Odds Are Your Next New Car Won’t Have This?!?

When I read this, I was like “Whaaaaaa?” Seriously, I’m not sure how I feel about this one. What do you think?? You see, for a few years now, pretty much every car company has […]


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Kenny Chesney Wanted To Buy THIS For Keith Urban?!

You probably know it’s a tradition for headliners to give their opening acts a gift when the tour ends.  It’s usually something cool, like when Kenny Chesney gave Uncle Kracker a vintage 1969 Plymouth Roadrunner. It […]


Suprise Center (30)

Suprise Towne Center With Chris Matthews!

The KMLE Krew and Chris Matthews were out at Surprise Towne Center today giving away tons of cool prizes!! KMLE was giving away a BIG prize worth $250!! It was a back pack full of […]



All You Can Bowl For Cheap!

How about taking the family or your friends bowling and NOT having to worry about how long you’re there or how much it’s going to cost? All this week AMF is offering $10 all you […]



Most Annoying Phrases In The English Language

We all have pet peeves. I happen to have about 215 of them, especially when it comes to anything relating to the English Language. Reader’s Digest found the eight most annoying phrases people say in the English […]


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[WATCH] Dad RESPONDS To Magic’s Hit Song “Rude”

When it comes to dads and their daughters they can be very protective. THIS dad doesn’t want anybody messing with his little girl! “Seeking permission to marry my princess, son what’s wrong with your big […]


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[WATCH] Guy MASTERS His “Girl Voice”

This is probably the ODDEST thing we have ever seen over in KMLE Nation… Matt Bittner can apparently make his voice sound like a GIRL!! Weird. We DARE you to CLOSE your eyes for a […]



Dental Facts You Didn’t Know!

Soooo, we’ve all done this. Got the reminder in the mail that my appointment for the dentist is next week. 5 1/2 months have passed… haven’t been flossing enough. And by enough, I mean… at […]


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Are YOU Obessed With Taking Selfies?!

We all love to take a good SELFIE, but is it too much sometimes?! Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat the selfies never stop. Watch this video…it might help YOU if you’re a “selfieholic”…    


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Blake Shelton: Hacked? Or Hammered?

So.. Is Blake the victim? Or is he just hammered? Check out the tweets!! Ok I'm everybody I'm going to bed.. I love y'all. And to any possible haters out there, go suck some balls.. […]


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[WATCH] People Get Tricked Into Dancing To NO Music- and it’s hilarious

This is probably the BEST prank ever!! Andrew Hales in Venice Beach had people dance on camera WITHOUT music informing them that he would add music AFTER the video was complete… Well he NEVER added […]



Robber Foiled By Video Game Gun!?

So, this guy in Oakland, CA breaks into some guy’s house and next thing you know, the robber is being held at “gunpoint” by the resident. Well, sort of. I read this story this morning […]


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Tyler Farr’s Drinking On The Job

The KMLE Nation has spoken and made Tyler Farr’s latest “Whiskey in My Water” a big smash! Have you seen the video for it yet? Tyler said after making the video that he had a […]


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New iPhones Coming With Bigger Display

So the new iPhone 6 is rumored to be coming out toward the end of the year (probably around September) and the experts are claiming the screen is going to be bigger than the current […]


San Diego Padres v Arizona Diamondbacks

Padres Reliever Wears New Hat/Helmet Combo

Alex Torres, reliever for the San Diego Padres, was the first Major League Baseball player to wear this new safer hat (basically a hat/helmet combo) over the weekend. This could be the most ridiculous thing […]


Thomas Rhett  and Brantley Gilbert at Red Rocks photos by Tim Richards-016

Country Star Mad Over Wife’s Bikini Photo

So Thomas Rhett is learning to be careful what he posts to social media. He recently said in an interview that he was upset by some of the comments people were making about his wife. […]


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After 100 Years There’s FINALLY A New One Of These…

They’re one of the most recognizable things in the world and they’ve gone unchanged for sooo long, but the time has finally come for the FIRE HYDRANT to get a much overdue makeover! The new […]


Queenslanders Survey Cyclone Yasi Damage

McDonald’s New Happy Meal Logo / Creature

Ha, what do you think? Cool? Or Creepy? What’s McDonald’s trying to do!? #CantStopSmiling about the #HappyMeal. pic.twitter.com/hTY6wl69SF — McDonald's (@McDonalds) May 21, 2014 Meanwhile at Happy Headquarters… pic.twitter.com/ljcoUIb5PF — McDonald's (@McDonalds) May 20, 2014


#10 - Alan Jackson

Should David Dean Keep THIS Look?

So, today I walked into our program director’s office and he really only had one thing he could notice. The addition to my “look.” He said it wasn’t the best look, but that obviously it’s […]



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