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Celebrities At The Lakers Game

What’s Trending: Justin Timberlake Posts Pic of His Son, Kylie Jenner’s “Challenge” and Tim Tebow Returns to the NFL

Tim Tebow Returns to the NFL Tim Tebow’s workout with the Philadelphia Eagles last month will lead to another chance for the quarterback. He official signed with the Eagles today and is back in the […]



Luke Bryan Shares Dance Moves With David Dean

So, if you’re not much of a dancer (I’m not), this could help you. Or not. It’s more like it could show you what NOT to do. But still. That’s better than nothing, right? Luke […]



What’s Trending: Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield On Break, Newest Health Craze and Kurt Warner Football Comeback

What’s Trending – April 8, 2015 Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield On a Break: After showing up to a few recent award shows solo, rumors have begun to spread that one of Hollywood’s hottest couples […]


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What’s Trending: Fox News Anchor Apologizes to Kelly Clarkson, Bruce Jenner to Sit Down With Diane Sawyer and Separate Toilets The Secret To Happy A Marriage?

What’s Trending – April 7, 2015 Duke v. Wisconsin NCAA Playoffs: The best upset of the NCAA tournament was saved for last as Duke went up against Wisconsin last night at Lucas Oil Stadium in […]


Today is National Rubber Ducky Day!

What’s Trending: Bruce Jenner Is Going to Court, Billy Currington Is Touring With Tim McGraw, Ryan Reynolds Wants His Child Out Of The Spotlight, and 8 Girly Things Men Will Never Admit They Like

Thursday, April 02, 2015- What’s Trending Bruce Jenner Is Going to Court: Just when we thought that Bruce Jenner car crash back in February was behind us, according to an article by TMZ, the stepchildren […]