IMPACT: Brantley Gilbert’s ‘The Devil Don’t Sleep’

By Staff

“Anyone who knows me knows that every album is another chapter of my life,” says Brantley Gilbert. Through that lens, you can look at 2010’s Halfway to Heaven as the the story of a man living the wild life, and 2014’s Just as I Am as the story of the consequences of that life. His latest, The Devil Don’t Sleep, details his next phase, including his newfound sobriety, and the discipline required to maintain it.

“A lot has happened,” he says. “By now, everyone knows the story turned out okay for me. But the truth is there’s always temptation, there’s always something – whether it’s work or substances or gambling or whatever – that can pull you off the path. For me, thankfully, I got through it, got the girl back, got to keep my career moving. Anyone who knows me knows that every album is another chapter of my life.”

His songs are always relatable: “Even though it’s my life, even though some of what I write about is very specific to what happens to me, I think the challenges, the places where we figure things out are all the same – no matter what we’re facing, realizations all mean the same things.”

“Trying to get the whole story on the album was a little more than we’d bargained for. Life isn’t just chapters,” he explains. “What happens before influences what happens next. Not always the way you’d expect. Sometimes you don’t even see it ‘til later. You know, depending on how deep you want to go, it’s a way to understand the journey to The Devil Don’t Sleep.”

The Devil Don’t Sleep is out January 27. Check out all of his tour dates at Eventful.



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