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Booker News: Top 15 Fears Of Driving

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Andersen Ross/GettyImages

Andersen Ross/GettyImages

I know if we asked you, “What are you afraid of when you’re driving?” you’d say, “Nothing . . . except not being able to listen to this station.” But deep down, you KNOW there’s stuff that scares the heck out of you.

–Here are the results of a new survey that found the top 15 things people are afraid of when they’re driving. Check ’em out . . .

#1.) Driving in snow.

#2.) Freezing conditions where there might be black ice.

#3.) Fog.

#4.) Driving on the highway.

#5.) Parallel parking.

#6.) Driving in an area you don’t know.

#7.) Driving through big cities.

#8.) Rain.

#9.) Passing large trucks.

#10.) Driving down rural country roads.

#11.) Passing other drivers.

#12.) Narrow streets.

#13.) Heavily congested roads.

#14.) Driving in the dark.

#15.) Parking in crowded parking garages.

(Daily Mail)

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