Nash Flash With Brittany! Randy Houser Hospitalized

Randy houser is in the hospital.  We haven’t heard as to why he was there, but doctors have told him not to travel or perform for the next couple of days.  He is having to reschedule his show that was in Ogden.  He’s moving it to April 3rd.

Mens Health came out with their list of hottest couples.  Blake and Miranda made the list.  They are #7, which is pretty big time considering #1 is President Obama and Michelle followed by Prince William and Kate Middleton.

Speaking of Miranda Lambert, she’s admitted that she’s a huge Beyonce fan.  Miranda and Blake were seated near Beyonce at the Grammy’s, and that’s when they all confessed to being fans of one another. Beyonce said she’s a big Miranda and Blake fan.  Miranda also told Beyonce she’s going to her upcoming show in Dallas. This will be Miranda’s fifth time to see Beyonce in concert.

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