Booker’s Potential New Names For The U.S. Airways Center!

It’s official! U.S. Airways has landed an 11 Billion dollar merge with American Airlines. This means that the home of the Phoenix Suns and every U.S. Airways sponsored building will be enduring a name change. Booker in the Morning has come up with a comical list of new names to be potentially used to replace U.S. Airways Center!



1. The Petsmart 18,000 Seat Kennel Arena

2. Peter Piper Pizza Grab A Slice Arena

3. Chipotle Aluminum Foil Arena

4. Circle K Polar Pop Center

5. Southwest No Assigned Seating Arena

6. Sheriff Joe Arpaio Tent City Center

7. Al McCoy Shazaam Center

8. Patti Kirkpatrick Breaking News Arena

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