Could You Give Up Facebook For Five Months For $200??

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Denim and Diamonds  (16) David Dean
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Hey it’s David Dean. This story is awesome. Earlier this week, in Wellesley, Massachusetts, Paul Baier made a deal with his 14-year-old daughter Rachel.  If she quit Facebook completely until the end of June, he’d pay her $200.  She gets $50 in mid-April and the other $150 on June 26th. They even signed a contract.  On the part of the contract where Rachel says how she’ll use the money, she wrote, quote, “stuff.”

Paul says this was Rachel’s idea.  Quote, “She wants to earn money and also finds Facebook a distraction and a waste of time sometimes.”  But she does plan to get back on Facebook once the five months are over.

So… do you think you could do it?? Five months is a LONG time!

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