Booker Tips: How Long Do You Have to Be Dating Before a Valentine’s Day Date is Appropriate?

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Chris Ryan/GettyImages

Chris Ryan/GettyImages

Valentine’s Day is less than two weeks away.  And if you just started dating someone, you’re probably PANICKING about exactly how you should play it.  YOU SHOULD BE.  Valentine’s Day is the biggest minefield of any new relationship.

If this helps, here’s the majority opinion.  In a new survey, 42% of people say that you should ONLY do a Valentine’s Day dinner if you’ve been dating around two months.  Another 37% say you should be together at least three months.

So, overall, 79% of people say that if you started dating someone in 2013, you shouldn’t do Valentine’s Day dinner together.

The survey also found that with Valentine’s Day on a Thursday, only 51% of people plan on going to dinner that night.  36% are planning to go out either Friday or Saturday, and 5% are going to get a jump and go out on Wednesday the 13th.



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