January 9, 2013 TWITTER TOPIC: Harry Styles Pigs Out On Italian After His Split with Taylor. What’s YOUR Break Up Food?

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Ice Cream? Cookies? Potato chips? What’s YOUR go-to break up food?

I don’t know about you, but whenever I get dumped or dump someone it’s usually followed by a lot of crying and over-eating. That’s just me… and every female I know. LOL Do you do this? Do guys do this?

I go straight for the Macaroni and Cheese and red wine! Seems like Harry Styles might have induldged a little right after his split with Taylor Swift. It’s all good Harry, we’ve all been there!

Harry was seen at Italian restaurant Don Peppe’s in Queens, New York on Sunday with a friend just hours after his break up with Taylor Swift. Harry was totally pigging out on veal parmigiana, shrimp luciano over linguini, and clams.

So, what’s YOUR break up food? Tweet us at twitter.com/KMLE1079 or call 602.260.1079 and we’ll read your answers at 3:30 today during Nina D’s TWITTER TOPIC!!

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