Life is a Gift- Nicky’s Story: A Valley St. Jude Connection

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This touching story you might have caught part of yesterday with David Dean, Nicky’s Mom Lisa was in studio sharing his story. Stay tuned this morning, she is coming back to speak with Tim & Willy!

In case you miss it, watch the video. It will touch your heart.

Call 1-800-795-1800 to donate.

Call this hour & become a Partner In Hope as we attempt to stomp out Childhood Cancer

Nicky’s childhood was interrupted when a trip to the eye doctor revealed devastating news: a brain tumor. However, Nicky never loses sight of his sense of humor or purpose as he courageously battles cancer. His unique insights into life reveal just how wise he is beyond his years. His deep faith and personal commitment to the St. Jude mission form a powerful legacy of inspiration

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