Get On The $50,000 KMLE Payroll Payout

kmlepayroll 50000 blog Get On The $50,000 KMLE Payroll Payout

Your pay day just got supersized…  Get on the $50,000 KMLE Payroll Payout

Earn $100 an hour, up to $800 a day, and be qualified for the $50,000 Grand Prize Pay Day

Now, just for listening to KMLE Country 108 while you work, we’re paying you even more money.  
- Every Hour on the Hour from 8am until 4pm, we’ll announce the name of a Member.  If you’re not a member click here and sign up now.
- When you hear your name, call 602-260-0108 within 8 minutes and you’re on the $50,000 KMLE Payroll Payout.
- Every hour another person has the chance to get on the payroll.  If they don’t call back in time, you keep getting paid!

The ONLY way to get on the $50,000 KMLE Payroll Payout is to be a member of


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